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Air-To-Water Heat Pump

air to water heat pumps unit

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Heat pumps make use of the latent heat energy from the outside air by converting it into heat which can be used with a typical wet heating and hot water system. They use the constant energy available in the air alongside a refrigerant circuit to allow the temperatures to be boosted to a useful level.

The system comprises an external energy collector and an internal heating and hot water distribution unit, which supplies a hot water store and heat delivery system, this could be underfloor heating or alternatively radiators. This type of renewable energy system is similar to the Air to Air system but allows the use of underfloor heating or radiators to distribute the heat instead of a free flow of air.

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Solar thermal energy installation of two panels on a roof next to a skylight

Solar thermal energy installation of two panels on a roof next to a skylight

GSHP Ground source heat pump installation diagram of groundworks

Air-to-air heat pumps unit

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